Restaurants & Eating

We have a very fun selection of restaurants in Lander, and we will be happy to show you menus and make suggestions. If you prefer to cook on your own, we have a fire/Dutch oven pit here on the property, and a gas grill. As a courtesy to other guests, we request that you schedule these.

Hiking & ATVing

The Shoshone National Forest, The Wind River Wilderness and the Red Desert provide many beautiful hiking and
four-wheeling opportunities.

One popular hike to the Popo Agie Falls brings you to beautiful falls and pools, and if you persist over the granite boulders you will come to a pool with a natural rock slide (during high water).


The Loop road is a scenic drive, with 4 wonderful lakes you can stop and enjoy. It becomes a wonderful summer playground.

If you would prefer to shoot off fireworks, you can select at a nominal cost from our great selection of consumer fireworks, and shoot them here in the field.

Pow Wow's

Feel the drum beat. Hear the singing. See the colors. Admire the detailed regalia, skilled footwork and precise movements. This is a pow wow. See the Eastern Shoshone Pow Wow in June, Ethete Celebration in July and the Northern Arapaho Pow Wow in August. Weekly dance exhibitions are held in Lander and Riverton June through August.

Museum of the American West


Here on the property we have a climbing wall and harnesses which fit most climbers. This is only available to our guests who can schedule and use it privately for $20 an hour.

One Shot Antelope Hunt

Cycling in Lander

Fishing in Lander

Golfing in Lander

The Red Desert

Top Things to Do in Wyoming

Since we are centrally located, we are probably the best hopping off point for most of the sites listed at the above “Top Things to Do in Wyoming” website. Most of the sites work well as day trips from here. There are, however, a few that would lend themselves better to an overnight trip.

Grouped below are sites that you could include on the same day trip.

Since there is plenty to see and do right around here, you might want to consider our weekly rates. Our weekly rates are the most economical way to vacation, even if you are not actually in Lander for a night or two of the week you book.

The Wind River Range (shown below) has some of the most spectacular mountains in North America. Lander is one of those hidden gems, as most travelers who drive past are unaware of the vast beauty hidden behind the foothills. You can pack in from Lander, rent llamas, horses, or guides. (We are happy to make suggestions for these if you desire.)

Sinks Canyon (5 miles - South)

South Pass City (42 min - South)
South Pass, Atlantic City and Rock Creek Hollow (a Mormon Handcart Historic Site).

South Pass City contains 30 historic log, frame, and stone buildings on 39 acres of land. The Oregon, California, Mormon, and Pony Express trails all came through this area. It was also known for it’s involvement in the women's sufferage movement. Esther Morris, the first woman Justice of the Peace in the United States, began her tenure as justice in South Pass City in February 1870.

Pinedale (2 hrs - South West)
Freemont Lake

Grand Tetons (2 hr & 15 min - 131 scenic miles North)

Yellowstone (2 hrs & 45 min - 156 scenic miles North)

Jackson (2 hr & 45 min - 159 scenic miles North)
National Elk Refuge and Snake River Canyon (remember Evel Knievel?)

Cody (2 hrs & 45 min - North East -- you can travel here through Yellowstone)
Cody Nite Rodeo and Buffalo Bill Museum
(Lander has Rodeo the week prior to July 4th)

White Mountain Petroglyph Site (2 hrs & 20 min - South West)
Rock Springs and Pilot Butte Wild Horse Scenic Loop

Nighttime Activities

The fun doesn't have to stop at night. After your daytime adventures relax and enjoy. We have a wonderful selection of games and movies which you can check out, or you may watch the feature playing in our theater room at no additional charge. Again this is only available to our guests. If you want to select the feature that will be playing, there is a $30 charge, and if you want the exclusive use of the theater room for your guests there is a $50 charge.

Martin’s Cove
Mormon Handcart Historic Site

Snow Sports

After Hunting Season, the Loop road becomes a winter playground for Snowmobiles, Snow bikes, cross country skiing and snowshoeing. (Wild Iris and Gannet Peak Sports rent cross country skis and snowshoes.)  Here on the property we have a fabulous sledding hill and tubes which are only available to our guests.

You can find the hidden beach or explore the more remote adventures on the far side of the lake in Kayaks, the most easy to maneuver of all unpowered watercraft. We rent our Kayaks only to our guests. They are only available at $25 a day. We encourage the buddy system for safety reasons. We will help you strap them on and be happy to make suggestions for our favorite places to paddle.


For guest who would love to have the thrill of a snowmobiling experience, but don't have snow machines of their own. We will let you use our old machines in our attached field for just a little more than the cost of gas and maintenance, estimated to be $30 an hour. And yes, we are happy to prorate the time after the first hour, and even split the first hour between two machines.

Frye Lake

Worthern Meadows

Silas Lake off a trailhead at Fiddler Lake

Independence Rock (1 hr & 36 min - East)
Devil's Gate and Martin's Cove


Castle Gardens Petroglyph Site (1 hr & 20 min - East)

Thermopolis (1 hrs & 30 min - North East)
Wind River Canyon, Wyoming Dinosaur Center and Hot Springs State Park

Lower Suite

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